Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • 1. Do you require a licence?  No licence is not required. Tours are fully guided and thorough safety briefings and demonstrations are provided.
  • 2. Is any jet ski experience necessary?  No, our guide will tell you everything you need to know and all safety gear is provided.
  • 3. What should I wear and what should I bring with me? Bring your swimmers, some casual clothes, sunscreen and a towel. Don’t forget your sense of adventure!  We will deck you out on the jet ski with all necessary safety gear and riding apparel.
  • 4. What riding apparel and safety gear is included?  Guests are provided with wetsuit tops and safety gear including bright lifejackets.
  • 5. Where can I put my gear or valuables?  Given the nature of the tour, it may be best to leave your valuables at home or at your accommodation, however there is a dry bag on every jet ski in the secure, water resistant glove box for you to put your gear. 
  • 6. Where do the tours go? A short stop for a quick swim is an option on our 2 hour tours.
  • 7. How long is the ride?  we have 1hour or 2 hour options
  • 8. Do you get off the jet ski? A short stop for a quick swim is an option on our 2 hour tours.
  • 9. What is the cost of the tours? Please look at our Tour Details page
  • 10. Are there any additional costs? There are no additional costs.
  • 11. Is lunch included? Lunch is not included
  • 12. Are drinks included? No but please feel free to bring a drink. There is plenty of storage space on our jet skis.
  • 13. What other activities are included? On On a Dunsborough Jetski Tour you will see an array on marine life including dolphin and sea birds.  A short stop for a quick swim is also an option on our 2 hour tours.
  • 14. How many guests can fit on a jet ski? Two adults can travel twin share. You can also travel solo if you wish to be the sole rider of the jet ski!
  • 15. Are the tours suitable for families? Yes our tours are suitable for families and is a great day out! The minimum driver age is 16 years. If the driver is under 18 years of age, an indemnity form must be signed by parent or guardian prior to tour.
  • 16. What time do you leave? Our Tours start at 10:30am, 1:00pm & 3:30pm. But we can be more flexible upon request. Timings include check in, briefings and demonstrations and courtesy pick ups are available prior to tour times.
  • 17. Where do you leave from? We leave from Quindalup Boat Ramp, Lot 4280 Geogaphe Bay Road Quindalup.
  • 18. Is a pick up from our accommodation included? Yes we can pick you up from anywhere in Dunsborough, so just let us know when you book where you require a pick up from.
  • 19. Can we get photos? Yes! We take photos of you on the day and upload them to Facebook where you can download them for free!
  • 20. How fast can we go on the jetski? New Australian laws have been introduced for jet ski hire and jet ski tour operators. The law requires that jet skis cannot exceed 30 knots.
  • 21. What if the weather is too rough? Dunsborough Jetski Tours offer great tour options for most weather conditions.    The tours operate most days and can be varied according to the weather.  We do always warn guests if the conditions are a little windy and a more adventurous tour is expected and it is up to the guests to decide if they want to take on the adventure!  In extreme weather conditions tours will not operate but if it is just raining…no problems….you are going to get wet anyway!!!!
  • 22. I am not a confident swimmer – can I travel? Yes. If you unexpectedly fall in the water, you do need to be confident enough to swim back to your own jet ski.  For guests with little or no experience, the tour guides offer dedicated attention, personalised service and briefings with extra tuition as needed and you can always travel near the guide enroute. Full safety gear including lifejackets are provided which aids buoyancy.
  • 23. What if I have a disability – can I travel? Being an adventurous activity we need to be aware as to the extent of any disability. We are obliged to meet specific safety criteria and ensure that guests have a suitable level of fitness and understand the basics of the safety brief. We have carried many guests with physical and intellectual disabilities and endeavour to provide extra attention and assistance in every way. In some instances a medical certificate may be necessary.
  • 24. How many jet skis do you have? We have 4 jet skis,  1 for our guide & 3 for our clients. We can cater for a total of up to 7 people per tour.
  • 25. Can groups travel? Our tours are perfect for a small group wanting a day out – large families, conference, rewards, incentives, students, wedding groups or just a bunch of friends! It is the ideal choice of Dunsborough Jetski Tours and can be tailor made to suit requirements.
  • 26. What is the minimum age and maximum age? The minimum driver age is 16 years and the minimum passenger age is up to the disruption of the parent. If the driver is under 18 years of age, an indemnity form must be signed by parent or guardian prior to tour.  There is no maximum age, you just need to be physically capable of riding a jetski.
  • 27. Is there a maximum weight limit? Weight restrictions do apply with a maximum of two adults per jet ski or 230kg per jet ski.
  • 28. What type of jetskis will we be riding? Dunsborough Jet Ski Tours operate Yamaha Waverunner jet skis, chosen for their excellent build quality, reliability, safety and performance. Our jet skis handle sea conditions extremely well and are ideal for our tours.
  • 29. Are the tours guided? Yes one or two tour guides travel with every group, depending on numbers.  Thorough safety briefing and demonstrations are provided by a qualified tour guide and tours are fully supervised at all times.

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