The Environment

Protecting the natural beauty of the Meelup Regional Park & Surrounding Areas 

PWC or jet skis are often falsely criticised for impacting on the environment. The truth is, a modern jet ski operated responsibly is the most environmentally friendly mode of motorised transport on the water.

    •    Our jet skis have ultra low emissions

    •    The jet skis have no running gear under the water such as propellers or rudders that can injure marine life.

    •    Jet skis produce very little wash or wake.

    •    Jet skis do not require antifouling (covering bottom of boat with poisonous paint to limit growth)

    •    Jet skis don’t drop anchor in the marine park.


Each jet ski tour is hosted and the informative guide provides an in depth commentary, including environmental education about the Mellup Regional Park and actions we can take to protect it for future generations.

A myriad of marine and bird life are encountered on the tours including sea turtles, dolphins, seals, whales, fish, wrays and sea birds, while keeping a respectable distance between the jet skis and marine life in order to respect and protect these animals in their natural environment.

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